This is a collection of my work with their back stories, inspirations and concepts.


He was the greatest, but also conflicted.

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Marks of Beauty

When someone is beautiful, you can usually identify certain features that are prominent. In many cultures around the world tattoos and scars are beautiful.

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Shadow Thoughts

In this painting, I want to take the viewer deeper into the African person. I want to reveal what lies beneath when all is stripped away.

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I Have a Song

Everyone has a song, which I try to find in each of my paintings. Some people search a lifetime to find their song. This painting is of a woman that has mentally and emotionally traveled about and found her voice. And now she is singing her song. When you find your own song, you find who you are – Sing your song!

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Transformation of His Morning Sky

Africa is beautiful, the landscape rich, and the sky vast. These three elements make up Africa’s distinctive presence. The people, the land, and sky work in unison to create an organic painting that transforms from day into the night. The morning is painted with fresh air and untouched dirt. The noon sky is painted with calmness. The sky covers like a blanket wrapped around a baby. Each of these elements, the sky, the land and the people, are equally tranquil.

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The Sound of Jazz

The sound of jazz has many flavors that tantalize the palette. Jazz jumps from side to side. It starts off as many different colors but often merges to create a song with different meanings. The convergence of sound and color is like love and passion.

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Suspicious Gaze

Traveling through Ethiopia, I met many people that welcomed me into their homes. But there were some that suspiciously watched me and my peers as we traveled through the country side. These three men were sitting in a home, watching each move we made. Their robes wrapped around them seemed to represent the barrier that existed between us

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