This is a collection of my work with their back stories, inspirations and concepts.

Two Sides

  Argument between black people and africans. The panels represents prison bars as well as each groups argument. The last panel represents me inserting myself into the argument and praying for both groups. We are stronger together.

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In 2008, a gang members broke into my home. They went through everything – throw papers and clothes everywhere, and took my paintings of the walls.

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One of the greatest lyricist of our time. He lived like the people’s champ and died in mystery.

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Adam and Eve

  Well, the title says it all.

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Saturation of Music

African dance is a kinetic interpretation of emotion, color, movement and story telling.

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An Ethiopian Queen

I traveled to Ethiopia in July 2007. The people and culture moved me. I noticed how the men hold their culture close

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Heavy Lifting/Shoulders of Strength

I am impressed by the amount of work little girls do in Africa. Five year-old girls do chores that would only fall on the shoulders of fifteen year-olds in the United States.

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