Take off /Arrival

We arrived in London on the 22nd at 2:00pm. The weather was partly cloudy (no surprise) and the temperature was 50 degrees. Andrew had a great time on the plane, well what 6 year old wouldn’t if they were flying first class! He had a private seat with and a wide screen monitor. A three course meal with an ice cream Sunday for dessert.

We will be living in Richmond, a suburb of London. It’s like downtown Burlingame coupled with Hillsborough. Until our house is ready we are temporarily staying a few blocks away from our house in what the English call “high street” (heart of downtown).

As we drove into Richmond Marvette’s face says it all, lol.

Andrew was so tired after the trip and drive he was looking for any place to lay down, lolol.


Neat fact: Richmond is where Henry VIII palace (officially named hampton court palace) is located. It is grand and beautiful! During it’s construction it was said to rival the Palace of Versailles.

Richmond Life

Like I said, the location of the apartment is in the heart of Richmond, it’s surrounded by small shops, cute cafes, restaurants, and from here it’s only a 10 minute walk to the Thames river. 

It’s hard to take pictures of downtown, they don’t do it justice. It’s very busy, with small sidewalks, classic cars, double decker buses, an occasional Land Rover, Maserati and Lamborghini cruising by. Most buildings are small, no high rises, it retains its scenic views that enables the sun to rain down.

Alleyways lead to hidden gems!

In contrast to the busier streets there are an abundance of small side streets and alleyways. They are OMG! I think these are one of the big reasons what makes Richmond unique and charming. When you enter these alleyways, it seems like everything slows down. The noise from the main street goes away, the store fronts have a bit more ornamentation; the brick walkways are a bit more intricate design. You pass by small cafes with people enjoying each others company or pubs with families, or you pass by ivy covered churches that have been there since the 1500s.

Beautiful Architecture

One of the things that Marvette appreciates are the amount of families we see. There are tons of baby strollers, it seems like there was a family convention nearby. And the restaurants are awesome! Every restaurant, expect for the tavern all had families!

Parks & River Thames!

Can’t find words to describe this…what I can say is this is only 5 minutes from our house!!!


March 27, 2019, Royce Tyrell

The views are simply stunning. How beautiful. What an amazing place to call home. Your blessed. I’m so happy for your new adventure. Thank you for sharing. We love you guys.

March 28, 2019, Pam Nakaso

Absolutely beautiful architecture and lovely travelogue!!!

March 29, 2019, Jackie

Completely enjoyed seeing you guys’ new neighborhood – if you are trying to “sell” London – you are doing a great job 🙂

March 30, 2019, Anna Buran

Love all of you!
God Bless

Mrs. B

March 31, 2019, Emediong monday uko

Its so lovely and beautiful

April 01, 2019, Rod Alemania’s

Really enjoying your journal descriptions, Ini! So excited and happy for you guys. How soon do you expect to connect with JT and Jennifer Thomas and their family? God’s blessings on you all and have an awesome time!!!

April 02, 2019, Jim

so now that you have teased us with all of these wonderful pics, please don’t stop!! We will live ethereally thru ur photos!!!

April 06, 2019, Ndy Kanny

Wow, that’s a lovely to be, wish u guys all d best of Richmond.

April 10, 2019, Eva

Ini, awesome photos! Thank you for sharing the experience through these posts!

April 14, 2019, Rhonda

So beautiful! Ini your writing and descriptions are amazing! Happy you all have such a great opportunity! What a fabulous chapter in your lives! Love you all!

April 16, 2019, Ahmad

So awesome to see you all doing so well! Thank you for sharing these really beautiful moments.

April 17, 2019, Karen

Gorgeous! Planning my trip now. LOL What an exciting adventure for your family! Thank you so much for sharing your photos so that we can tag along.

April 25, 2019, Dana

Wow, Ini! What a fabulous (and unforgettable) adventure for your family!!!

May 22, 2019, uto-uko eno

God has truly shined and blessed you all with an awesome opportunity. Be thankful for it all. You all have blessed so many people which is why you all have been blessed. Keep the photos coming.

June 21, 2019, Peter

I’m so happy for the Family to skip across the pond and to ingulf the scenery and European culture. Life is grand

    June 26, 2019, utou2228

    Thanks man it’s such an awesome experience! I’m so happy for my son he gets to see the world as such a young age. NewsletterWe won't let you down! Our newsletter give you the best art insights!

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