Two Sides

  Argument between black people and africans. The panels represents prison bars as well as each groups argument. The last panel represents me inserting myself into the argument and praying for both groups. We are stronger together. Read more >


In 2008, a gang members broke into my home. They went through everything – throw papers and clothes everywhere, and took my paintings of the walls. Read more >


One of the greatest lyricist of our time. He lived like the people's champ and died in mystery. Read more >

I Have a Song

Everyone has a song, which I try to find in each of my paintings. Some people search a lifetime to find their song. This painting is of a woman that has mentally and emotionally traveled about and found her voice. And now she is singing her song. When you find your own song, you find who you are – Sing your song! Read more > NewsletterWe won't let you down! Our newsletter give you the best art insights!

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