Transformation of His Morning Sky

Africa is beautiful, the landscape rich, and the sky vast. These three elements make up Africa’s distinctive presence. The people, the land, and sky work in unison to create an organic painting that transforms from day into the night. The morning is painted with fresh air and untouched dirt. The noon sky is painted with calmness. The sky covers like a blanket wrapped around a baby. Each of these elements, the sky, the land and the people, are equally tranquil. They each depend on one another. The vertical shape of the canvas emphasizes the vastness of the sky. The boy looks up watching the transformation of sky from night into day. He stands there still and amazed as the blanket of the morning covers the night. The boy feels that he is the only one that can see this transformation. NewsletterWe won't let you down! Our newsletter give you the best art insights!

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